Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby's First Post

Hello there -

My name is Gigi and this is my *new* personal blog.
Here is a picture of me at this very moment:

 For several years I have been surfing and experimenting with different blogging platforms, and now I have started craving a new internet experience. I think I have gotten too caught up in my cyber profile and reputation and it's more or less exhausting. I want to find a safe, earnest and open resting place on the internet where I can find my voice and stop holding back on sharing my life and opinions.

More often than not, I've found that a newborn blog can be pretty "hard to take"; an awkward shot at validating yourself and trying to act cool while simultaneously screaming follow me. It means putting your poor delicate ego in a very vulnerable spot, and when I say you what I really mean is me because here I am. Anyway, I guess that is my round-about disclaimer. I just thought, before I launch into pitching myself, it would be nice to say that it's great to love yourself and let's work together on redefining the internet and the internet-self.

And now, here is a list of my interests:

art, knitting, magic, internet culture, internet art, style and fashion, goth vibes, slut pride, queer pride, queer culture, femme pride, femme culture, sex-positivity, body-positivity, critical thinking, healthy beauty habits, love, adventures, aesthetics, poetry, thunder storms, cats, feminism, kindness, kissing, vaporwave, kate bush, plants, shopping, stuffed animals, collaging, camping, selfies, boys, girls, friendship, ufos, cheap wine, bubble baths, androgyny, cam-girls, polyamory, minimalism, surrealism, dreaming, and making friends!

I am in art school, which is endlessly frustrating and enriching all at once. This is a big topic so I will leave it at that for now.

I have a very loving boyfriend/partner named Max, who is really my best friend and co-conspirator in everything I do. We are going on two years; I moved in with him the day we met and we haven't been apart for a day since. However, while that sounds like an excessively sentimental description, I believe our relationship is more than just a mushy gf-bf saga. I think we are so comfortable with each other we have moved past our relationship being an "issue" so to speak, and now we can focus together on more ambitious life goals, aka my soul purpose in life is no longer finding my soul-mate.

It's hard to explain who I am in one post. Desiring the "right" sort of internet presence is a messy game, but maybe acknowledging that is the first step. I hope this blog can be a tool for personal growth and discussion for me/ you/ them/ us.

If you are interested, my very filtered, aesthetic inspiration tumblr can be found here.

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