Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Baby Blue

I made this outfit last week and I am very proud of it! Even though it's more lolita than my usual aesthetic, I think it's the first full outfit I've ever sewn that fits me well. It took me longer than it should have (about three nights), but that was with a lot of stalling and messing up and other shenanigans to account for. And I think next time I want to make a halter top or circle skirt it will take me half the time because I learned so much along the way! I don't think I will go into all the detail of how I made it, since there are a million tutorials out there that explain it much better than I would. However if anyone is interested in how I did it just leave a comment and ask and I will be happy to go into more detail!

I had a lot of fun doing a little photoshoot outside today. Taking pictures of myself (by myself) can be kind of embarrassing, but I think it has been a healthy attempt at the whole, embracing-self-indulgence thing I've been thinking about lately. Why should it be embarrassing? Who cares?

1 comment :

  1. so crazy that you made this outfit, good job!
    also, your blog background cracks me up

    - alexis