Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Poems

here are two poems I wrote this year.

twitter poem #2

solipsism dream state
girls on drugs in my dream bubble bath
our friendship is nothing without alcoholism
I’ll drink to that
I will win this war
and I have secret feelings man oh man
were living a different life
sign in to the cult of bacchus
I recognize you as energy in patterns
theres no beginning and there is no end
I’m drunk on blankets
and I’m your bitcoin baby
"I just wanted to sing for you"

river poem

we are saturated with white noise

three full bags
three circling birds
two white swans
they shot down the mirror in the cave above the river
do you want lines or dots or squiggles
saturation and hue and gradient
exposure and aperture
our elysian fields
absent absinthe, intense in tents
it's hard to tell with these things.

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