Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sometimes in order to figure out what I'm thinking I need to make lists. Trying to pin down all the questions and interests floating around in me can feel very frustrating. It's hard to organize what motivates me. I guess that's called "scatterbrained" but that is such a sissy word. This is not a scatterbrained post alright, my blog is xxx_hard_x_core_xxx.
Anyway, here is a list of questions:
  • Is my addiction to fashion / body-image healthy?
  • How can I connect with internet girls I admire?
  • How can I connect with anyone? (haha I'm joking kind of)
  • Should I get a summer job?
  • Is facebook healthy? Should I ignore what's shitty about it?
  • Should music be my #1 priority right now?
  • Are text posts a bad idea...?
  • Should I tell people about this blog or keep it a secret?
  • How can I get white hair?! Will it ever happen?
  • What is the most efficient use of my time left in school?
  • Where should we move after this?
  • Would New York crush me?
  • What should I give Max for his birthday? Should I throw a party?
  • What project should I work on next?
  • Should I go to bed?
  • Is this list pointless?
  • Am I all talk?
  • What should I do tomorrow? 
  • And the next day?
  • And the rest of summer???

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