Thursday, June 5, 2014

Six Months Of Art

 Today I wanted to make a post about all of my favorite sketchbook art I've made in the past year. It's nice seeing it all together because when you make one piece it feels so small but now I can see some uniformity in my interests/styles. I haven't taken drawing classes in a year but I actually like my off-season drawings more than ones I did for school.




A Spring Mandala:

 That last picture is of two candle holders I made in my ceramics class two semesters ago. We weren't allowed to use the wheel yet so everything was hand-built but I actually miss that a lot because now all I make is bowls and cups and other round things. I was in this illuminati eye-print phase, along with the rest of the world, and who am I kidding I'm still in that phase because it's perfect.

Anyway I'm taking a class next semester called "Handmade and Digital Bookmaking"; I am extremely excited to say the least. It's with the coolest teacher in the program and it's going to be all open-ended mixed media, which is my whole world. Maybe I could make a zine.

The art I've shown above is a small portion of everything I've made this year. Expect more to come regarding photography and music and digital art and videos and poetry and whatever else!

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