Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Fringe Top

Yay I'm so happy I am finally posting about this! A couple weeks ago I made this shirt from a handkerchief I bought at the Y, and I am so proud of it! I didn't document the process because it was my first time and it was very trial-and-error, but next time I make one I will do a step-by-step DIY post. It was sooo easy and it cost me all of three dollars. If anyone wants me to give a more detailed explanation just leave a comment and of course I will tell you!

Also these pictures were taken in my new room and I am thrilled with how they turned out. I finally have a nice private space where I can take good outfit pictures. You can expect a lot more posting from me now :)


  1. Just going through your blog, love it so much! I'm in the habit of getting excited about clothes I want to make, making them, feeling terribly unsatisfied and embarrassed by how bad it turned out, then shoving it in the very back of my closet, never to be seen again. I was wondering if you could post a tutorial on making this shirt, because it's really cute!

    1. haha I do that too! thats why this shirt never resurfaced on my blog, it was actually very itchy to wear. I could do a tutorial on how to make it though! It's a very easy shirt to make