Sunday, August 24, 2014

Liebster Award

Today EstelontheMoon nominated me for a Liebster award, which made me very happy! Thank you so much Léa! I think this is a nice way to get to know people and tell more about yourself. There is no obligation here, it's just a sort of game. Okay here it goes :)

The Rules
  1.  Link back to the person that nominated you for the award
  2. You must write 11 facts about yourself so people can learn more about you.
  3.  You also have to answer the 11 questions given by the nominator
  4.  After completing this, you should nominate 11 other bloggers that have under 200 followers and then give them 11 questions of your choice. However, you cannot nominate your nominator 
  5.  You have to let your nominees know that they've been nominated and give them access to the link to find out more about the award.

11 Facts About Me 

  1.  My real name is Virginia. I have lived in Virginia my entire life, and I have gone by Gigi my entire life.
  2.  I am currently enrolled in the arts program at Virginia Tech. Actually tomorrow is the first day of my junior year. 
  3.  I have a boyfriend named Max and we have a band together called Quasi Fae.
  4.  Max and I plan on moving to New York after I graduate in two years. 
  5.  We have an amazing 10 week old puppy named Scully (after my favorite x-files role model). 
  6.  I am a knitting fiend. I rule the underworld with my stitches. 
  7.   I love everything net art,  net fashion, and net culture! I am obsessed with everything virtual!
  8.  Projects are very important to me. I feel restless and insecure if I am not planning or working on a new project. Feeling excited about working on a project is the best feeling in the world. 
  9.  Online shopping is simultaneously my dearest friend and my mortal enemy. 
  10.  Bubble Baths are very important to me.
  11.   I love to dream and go on adventures and make new friends!

Léa's Questions

  1.  What is the most essential piece in your wardrobe?  My choker
  2. What is you favorite kind of food?   A white russian 
  3. What's your favorite pair of shoes?  My JuJu Jellies
  4. What would you rather do with your friends?  Drink wine and talk and watch movies
  5.  Describe your perfect party?  Bubble bath hot tub sexy party with party favors and dancing and cuties
  6.  Your favorite makeup product?  Black lipstick
  7.  If you could change one thing in your character what would it be?  This is a hard question... I guess I wish I was more determined sometimes. 
  8. What is your favorite series?  Harry Potter for reading, Game of Thrones for TV
  9. Your favorite movie?  It's a tie between Labyrinth and Waking Life
  10.  What you could never eat?  I hate carrots
  11.  Describe yourself with a song!
My Questions

  1.  Describe your ultimate aesthetic in two words.
  2.  What is your favorite staple piece of clothing?
  3.  Where is your dream home?
  4.  What is your favorite book?
  5.  Favorite band(s)?
  6.  What is your favorite word?
  7. Least favorite?
  8. Are you Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water?
  9.  Favorite magical creature?
  10.  What do you do for fun?
  11.  Current favorite song?

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