Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sippin' Lean

I am not actually drinking lean but it seemed like an appropriate title. I am not exactly sure what lean is really, but I thought it was like sprite mixed with codeine syrup or something? Haha gross. Reminds me of the Lil Wayne documentary - if you ever want to feel depressed watch it and see Lil Wayne get fucked up on cough syrup literally everyday. He is insane.

Had my second day of school today. Actually it's not quite over yet because I am taking a book-making class in the evening. This morning I had "Professional Practices" which is a required class about like, gallery design? I don't know. The teacher was kind of annoying. She was really over-enthusiastic and kept giving us cliche advice about being an artist and what is art and blah blah blah. It's okay though I bet I will like that class. I don't mean to be so jaded about it. After that I had art history and then I came home. And now I have a six hour break!

I really love this shirt I am wearing <3 I thrifted it several months ago. Whenever I wear it I feel like I should be chillin' with Riff Raff in a hot tub with ladies popping champagne. Diamonds on my jacuzzi!

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