Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Whatever USA

I am having a good day because I got these amazing shoes in the mail and I plan on wearing them literally everyday. It's funny because the town I live in is pretty small and it's very unusual for the people around here to wear anything besides a hoodie and khakis, so wearing these out will definitely feel weird. Like in NYC you can wear shit like this and nobody would bat an eye but here everyone thinks of a crazy outfit as an invitation for blank staring. That's okay though. It can be fun.

Also, my friend Yoni found this box of XL shirts in a dumpster that say "Whatever USA, Budlight" on them and she gave me one and I feel so trendy! ha ha

1 comment :

  1. I 100% feel you. The people where I live all wear hollister and abercrombie which is blah and they look at me all weird for dressing differently. But anyways, I'm absolutely in love with your aesthetic!!!