Monday, September 15, 2014

Baila Me

It's finally cool enough to wear long sleeves :) This is a DIY shirt I made from tights a couple months ago, I've been dying to wear it. I never wore the tights but always kept them because the pattern was so awesome, and now they are way better as a shirt.
I ordered a bunch of stuff on amazon today and every time I remember I get a little adrenalin rush. Usually I feel guilty about shopping online, but I have a job now so I think it's ok. It feels good to be able to (sort of) afford things.
I'm feeling a little bit socially restless. I want to dream up some girl power adventures.
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  1. music is lovely, as are you and your outfit... (as usual!) the DIY shirt idea is genius, I did it with some old zebra-ish tights and it looks pretty awesome actually... Thanks for the idea! :D

  2. that beautiful photos treasure
    would you like to follow each other on our blog ...?
    let me know>
    I wait for you, greetings!