Friday, September 12, 2014


Listening to Com Truise and getting ready for work tonight. I should probably be doing homework but wow fuck that haha. I don't work tomorrow so I am hoping to get off early enough tonight to drink the bottle of wine in my fridge. I can't stop browsing through O-Mighty ugh I wish I could afford their shit. It's funny when I realize that I've gotten a job just to support my online shopping habits. I am such a brat.
This is the beanie I knit that I was talking about a few posts ago! I am really happy with it, it is so damn cozy. The perfect hat in time for autumn.  Max thrifted this shirt from the Y yesterday, its actually kind of shiny and see-through but its hard to tell here. This is the kind of thing I wear when I am lazy and introverted. Yes, I wear sunglasses even when it's overcast. I am a vampire. 

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