Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Yeah so I dyed my hair green again :-) It's been this way for like a week already but I have been so fucking busy I haven't gotten to post about it ugh. I woke up with a cold this morning and decided to skip my ceramics class, but I had to get dressed eventually anyway because I have to go to work in an hour. Hmm nothing too exciting has happened recently... besides stress but that isn't fun. Were still going crazy trying to get ready for our trip to NYC, which is really fucking soon omg. Wait actually the coolest thing that's happened was two days ago I called my mom for her 61st birthday, and she said she "saw a video called baby's on fire, and the girl reminded me of you" and I was like hell yes. I just think its cool that she would be into that.
If you're interested, I took some other selfies earlier of my hair and posted them here, and here is a song I've been lovin' on.

Anyway! my hair is getting long enough to put into mini buns so that is fun. Today I am wearing a thrifted red glitter top, and a thrifted wind breaker. My frilly socks are new :-)


  1. Your hair is so awesome, how did you get it this colour?
    would love it if you could follow my blog and leave a comment beaut!