Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sun Dragon

So recently I've been wondering what I should do with my hair next, and I was thinking about growing out my bangs and dying it black? Or maybe attempt a white-to-black ombre? If anyone has an opinion on this please let me know! I want your help!

October has been making me crave romance, I guess its the seasons changing. I've been stuck in some romantic adventure fantasies, and I was thinking about trying to channel that into a new art project. I was thinking about starting a zine/comic about a goth/alien lesbian couple who go on misadventures together. I still need to work out the details...

Anyway, today it's pretty warm out so I decided to wear shorts. Apparently it's supposed to snow this weekend though?? this town has crazy weather. New vintage dragon shirt and sun/moon jacket thing, very grunge and soooo cozy <3
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