Monday, November 10, 2014

Missrebel Wishlist

If you know anything about me from this blog it's that I am addicted to shopping online. Even if I never buy anything, I love to go through clothing websites and fill up my cart, and then laugh/cry when I look at the total before I delete everything. So I found out through The Blogger Programme that this very cool online store called Missrebel is doing a little contest, where I just have to blog about my favorites from their store in order to be entered! Perfect for me, right? 

So below are my absolute favorites from their store. The styles represented on their site can be pretty hit-or-miss for me, but their prices are amazing. They carry a lot of very cute and cheap basic items as well, like simple crop tops and skater skirts. I really like imagining what I would wear with the things I've picked out, like I think it would look really cute to wear my white tennis skirt from American Apparel with the cream fluffy jumper. I think they go well together too - I could totally see myself wearing the wine fisherman jumper with the block print trousers. Anyway, you should go check out their website, there are a lot more cute pieces that I could have put in this post!

Block Print Trousers                                         Lace Sleeve Playsuit

Tartan Swing Dress                                           Cream Fluffy Jumper

Grid Mesh Contrast Shift Dress                             Wine Fisherman Jumper

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