Monday, November 17, 2014

Rosa Clothing Wishlist

This week I am doing a favorites post about this super cute lil online store called Rosa Clothing. It seems to me like they are just starting out since they don't have a ton of items, but so much of it is really on point! And it's very affordable stuff. Also I love how everything in my wishlist would look great together, like all the colors match wonderfully. The style definitely has that sassy/spoiled pink attitude that can be so fun. I posted two colors of everything because I couldn't decide on just one haha. I really recommend checking them out, I feel like we will be seeing more from them soon. Here are my favorites:

Bubblegum Fun Jumper                     Black Swan Jumper
White Fluff Cuff                   Lilac Fluff Cuff
(I would have to buy two of each so I could wear them with pigtails / mini buns)

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