Friday, December 12, 2014


I'm finally on winter break! Well, kind of. I have one exam next week. Definitely excited to relax for a month. Max and I got a christmas tree and decorated it last night while we listening to a gregorian chant record, it was very cozy.
I got this perfect sweatshirt at goodwill. Actually I saw two girls looking at it on a rack and straight up laughing at how stupid they thought it looked, and when they put it back I walked up right in front of them and took it and said "this is amazing." I dont know why I felt so defensive for a sweatshirt, except yes I do because this sweatshirt is amazing!! It is the ultimate new wave aesthetic that I dream of. I think these shorts might be a little too small for me haha.


  1. You look stylish and hot, like your blog, maybe would like to follow each other?