Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Yesterday was so productive! We've closed Bollo's (where I work) this week to do major cleaning, and it is the silliest, most stressful, most fun thing ever. My coworkers are insane. Nika and I went to goodwill when we were supposed to be going to home depo, and I got two tutu/petticoat things and the shoes I am wearing in these pictures! They are a little small but that's ok. Anyway after I got done with cleaning I went to take more pictures with Saadia and it went very well! We went to the parking garage and it was freezing and yet I am so glad we did. I can't wait for her to sign up for lookbook! Lol I am so excited to have a friend to take pictures with. I'll post and let "you" know when she makes a lookbook/blog/whatever!
This whole outfit is thrifted! :-)