Friday, January 23, 2015


I literally have the best schedule this semester, I only have class three days a week! Isn't that crazy? So today I had the day off and I had time to take pictures of this dress* that I got from Motel Rocks. I love it so much! It fits me perfectly, it's really light-weight and comfortable, and it's fucking cute. Since the fabric is so light it wrinkles kind of easily, but the wrinkles came out super easily too when I ironed it this morning. This is the first thing I've ever gotten from Motel but it's so lovely and I definitely want to get more clothing from them! They get two big thumbs up from me, go check 'em out :)
I was listening to crystal castles (again/as always) while I was taking pictures, and thinking about how on point Alice Glass has been for so long. Her aesthetic is way ahead of the game. I went to an amazing crystal castles concert when I was in high school, arguably the coolest concert I have ever been to. She spit whiskey on me/everyone from the stage. I am so inspired by her, I really hope to meet her one day.


  1. I love that dress. The print is great

  2. This is an absolutely lovely dress. Definitely getting it on my next payday. It brings your hair to life even more. I loved this post! :)