Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is the new dress* I got from It is very, very cute! The fabric is lightweight so it'll be great in the spring. It's a little see-through, so I am wearing a nude slip underneath. The dress is kind of different from the picture on their website also, like the cut of the bottom of the dress is all layered. It's a great dress though, it's like the kind of staple piece that you can wear a bunch of different ways. You can read my review of the other shirt I got from Milanoo here.

Max helped me take pictures today at this (mostly) abandoned shopping center. I really like the way it looks when I take pictures on pavement, but yesterday when I tried to do it in my driveway my awful neighbor was staring at me through her window so I went back inside. Well, really what happened was she came home and got out of her car and was staring at me the whole time she was walking up the stairs into her house. And they have a little screened-in porch at the top, so she went in there and just stood there and frowned at me, and then she started to call someone while she was watching me, and then I freaked out and went inside. It was unsettling... Idk it just made me really mad, like going out to take pictures makes me feel vulnerable already, and I shouldn't have to feel weird about taking pictures in my own driveway. W/e that lady needs to chill.
 Anyway! I think these pictures turned out well, and I definitely want to go back and take more there when it is warm out. Oh also I got a poshmark account and I haven't put anything up for sale yet but I will this week! I only have a few more days of break...