Saturday, February 14, 2015

Echo Club House Wishlist

Only two more days until I move in to my new apartment! I have been dying to do an outfit post for days, but since I've been staying with friends I've been wearing like the same outfit for a week and I don't really have a good place to take pictures (or any time to myself, for that matter). So next week you can expect a huge resurgence of my internet presence. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals.
Anyway, I thought to make up for lost time I would make a wishlist post about Echo Club House (formerly Sway Chic). It is a store I have been following for several months now, and everything they sell is amazing. And then recently when I went to their "about" page I realized that a bunch of their team is made up of my favorite bloggers, which made me jealous and excited all at once. I am very broke right now but I think my next shopping spree will be from them. So, here are all my current favorites from their site! When I put it all in the cart on their site it totals 228 dollars, but i definitely wouldn't buy all this at once. The shoes are my favorite thing I think but they aren't currently available in my size. I might have to buy myself the grid print set though.
Cherry Blossom Halter                                    Dragon Tattoo Halter
 Check Green Shorts                                           Faux Suede Skirt
Grid Print Jogger                                              Grid Print Hoodie
White Mini Backpack                                       White Platform Boots


  1. those halter neck tops are GORGEOUS! i also need that bag so much haha!
    cute post :) xo

  2. Good luck with moving!
    I like those halter tops and I'd love to have that grid hoodie :)