Monday, February 23, 2015


Good morning internet :-)
This is the second outfit I recently got from Style Moi, you can find the top here and the skirt here (and the fluffy pink jacket is from amazon). I was so pleasantly surprised with this skirt! On the website it seemed like it might be too short for me, but actually it is the perfect length for a waist skirt. I hate it when I am wearing a skirt and I feel like I have to be careful how I walk or bend over because it's just a little bit too short. I've also really wanted a red velvet skirt like this for a while, like I actually ordered one on amazon but then the seller messed up and sent me a really ugly shirt instead. So this worked out great! The top is obviously very cute too. It feels a bit awkward to wear because the straps don't want to sit flat on my skin, but they are adjustable so it's easy to play with it a bit to try and find the right fit. 
My best friend from my hometown is staying with me for a few days, and my apartment is finally coming together, so hopefully I will be posting some pictures of it later this week. I feel like a princess :-)

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