Thursday, February 19, 2015


I am finally in my new apartment! My life is finally coming together and I can fucking relax! Oh my god, I am so relieved. Having a space to myself is so wonderful. Since it snowed like a foot I haven't been able to move in really, so all thats here is my mattress pretty much. That's ok though, an empty apartment is great for pictures :)
So in this look I am wearing this amazing black mesh dress* from Style Moi. I honestly couldn't be more excited about it, the mesh has this awesome heavy texture to it that makes it hang really beautifully. I think the brand of it is actually Unif, which is where my hat is from too. I got a couple other things from Style Moi that I can't wait to post about too! Everything they have is very cute and very affordable. This dress I think can be kind of hard to wear successfully since it's mesh and there aren't a lot of occasions where mesh is very appropriate, at least in my conservative little town. But if you live in an internet paradise like me, then it is perfect for feeling cute at home :)

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