Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sherry London Wishlist

This week I have decided to do a princess themed wishlist featuring Sherry London, which is an online shop for womens special occasion dresses. They have prom dresses, evening dresses, homecoming dresses, you get the rest! While I've been living alone in my new apartment, I've been really getting into feeling like a princess and being spoiled and girly and wearing all sorts of pink lacey nonsense while I'm lounging around the house. So I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite girly dresses from their site. The pictures I've chosen below definitely have a theme going: frilly pastels! I know these dresses are supposed to be for going out and being fancy, but I think it would feel even more fancy to just wear these at home! Maybe I would read a book and drink a mimosa and lie on the couch with the window open, or it would be fun to have my girlfriends over for a fancy tea party and tell everyone to wear a prom dress. I think I also like to look at prom dresses because I never get to wear stuff like this, and when I actually went to prom I wore a really boring dress because I was anxious about standing out. Anyway, here are my favorite dresses! If you are in need of a fancy princess dress, definitely check out Sherry London!

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