Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Yoni gave me this dress, maybe 6 months ago, and it used to belong to her mom. I've tried to take pictures in it before but they would never turn out how I want. I love the length of the dress, it's sort of relaxed and loose on me and it's extremely comfortable. My mom is coming to visit me today and is going to spend two nights, and tonight were going out to dinner at this fancy restaurant I've never been to. I invited Yoni too actually, because she bought me dinner last week. I think it will be fun, I want to drink a cocktail :-)
After my mom visits I'm going to Austin for a week, so I think this might be my last outfit post for a little while. I'm going to bring my camera and computer though, so we'll see! Maybe I'll do a wishlist post or something... Anyway I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures in Texas so I can report back on my trip :-)


  1. Lovely dress!

  2. After my mom visits I'm fruitful to Austin for a week, so I contemplate this might be my previous clothing pole for a petite while Online Shopping

  3. My mother is impending to call me today and is going to apply two darks, and tonight was successful out to feast at this elaborate restaurant I've never remained men watches