Thursday, June 11, 2015


Here is a photoshoot I did two nights ago with Yoni, featuring another very cute backpack* from Jump From Paper. We drank beers on the track at night and tried to channel sports. I was like, is this how you do it? Am I sports yet? It was fun. I haven't done a photoshoot with my friends in a while, and it made me want to do it more often. I'm really happy with the pictures too. I want to experiment with flash photography more - I really like the candid effect it has. I usually take my pictures in the morning so I have nice natural light in my room, but it's hard to have an adventurous photoshoot in the morning.
Isn't this backpack fucking cool though? I was wearing it around town yesterday and everyone was talking to me about it. The guy at the beer store was like, wow your backpack startled me. It has this crazy optical illusion going, like it's flat in real life but made to look 3d, so it's just trippy. My friend Mariah saw the pictures and was like, did you edit the backpack in? Lol no, no I did not.
PS: This is the week that I'm curating Shop Catalog! Here is the link to my profile - I think you will like my choices :)