Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm finally back with an outfit post! And it's a fun one. In this post I am wearing these wonderful metallic silver joggers* from a store called IfChic. I got them through a monthly promotion they do called the #ifchic24 where on the 24th of every month you can spend "ifchic coins" that you can collect on the website throughout the month. Here is the link to the faq page where they explain it all (much better than me). It's fun going to the website and collecting the ifchic coins, it feels like a treasure hunt. And I love these pants so much, I think they will be the perfect thing to wear for playing a show.
PS: I had an amazing week in Austin. It was so surreal and amazing to see Max for a whole week. We went swimming, shopping, ate tacos and donuts, explored the city, went dancing, and it was a dream. I felt so at home there, I can't wait until I graduate and can move down there :-)

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