Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Here is another outfit I got from newdress.com: a lapel crop top* and a denim skirt*! The top is almost too small, but it's so cute so that's ok! And I'm definitely going to wear this skirt all the time, it's been ages since I had a denim skirt. That's definitely a staple item of clothing, a good skirt can go a long way. Pretty much anything made of denim feels like home, like it reminds me of being 13 and drawing all over my jeans. 
I think I'm finally going to get ableton back on my computer tonight, and them I can finish this song I've been working on! Two songs, actually. I can't wait to post them!
Speaking of music, click here for tunes :-)


  1. wow this Outfit is amazing, love it so much
    you are so in shape and look like a model
    i love your haircolor so much, which Color do youuse? the direction products?:)

    hope you visit my blog too <3

  2. you're stunning, i'm in love with your style!