Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Here is a cute lil dress I got from goodwill this week. I've been wearing a lot of long, loose dresses this week. God this dress is so comfortable though, it's like walking around just wearing a really soft sheet. This is something I could wear all day everyday (and I have been). I really dig how shapeless it is, like I'm just wearing a big androgynous sack.
I'm taking a bus back home to visit my family this weekend, and I'm going to pick up my car and drive it back with me. I'm really excited to have a car again, I plan on buying snacks and driving myself to the river whenever I feel like it.
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  1. nice dress! cool hair<3

  2. gosh that dress looks so good!

  3. your outfit looks so perfect! I love how your style is so unique and pretty!

  4. just found your blog, love your hair! and this outfit is so good :)