Sunday, July 5, 2015


Here is a pretty playsuit* I got this week from Dresslink :-) I think this is my favorite item of clothing I've gotten in a long time... The texture and weight is perfect and it's so cute and comfortable. I feel a bit like I'm walking around in my pajamas, in a good way. I wore it yesterday on the 4th of July which was nice because if I had actually worn anything red white and blue I would have gotten a bunch of strangers asking me if I died my hair blue for the holiday (which is what always happens). I don't know why that annoys me so much. But anyway I had a really fun night. It was my friends birthday so he had a party and we ate hotdogs and drank beer and set off fireworks, like true americans.
I'm also wearing a new choker in this post from Risenvibe, which you can see best in the last picture. It's so cute! I painted eyes on my nails a couple days too so I feel all decked out.


  1. Such a cute look! Love your hair!

  2. Amazing look!