Monday, August 10, 2015


So this is actually two dresses, which I think you can tell but I thought I would say that anyway, and I got both of them from Forever 21 in New Orleans. It was funny actually I don't think I've stepped foot in a Forever 21 since I was like, 16. Very weird vibes in that place. Anyway I feel very witchy and magical in this outfit :)
I start school in two weeks, I'm feeling very excited and nervous. I'm just going to have a much harder schedule than I've ever had, because I'm going to be working 25 hours a week and taking 4 or 5 classes, and trying to keep up with my blog! I hope I can handle it all. I'm definitely ready for fall though, it's my favorite season. It's so dreamy and bittersweet.


  1. That black dress is literally my dream dress. I'm so into long, black lace dresses rn, but I don't have any :(

  2. Love your imagination to wear those two dresses together- you look totally perfect! And good luck with school! What course are you doing? :)

  3. Gosh, only you can pull off something like this. I LOVE it.

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