Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This is a shirt I got from Inu Inu probably six months ago, I don't think they carry it anymore but it's still way cute. I love their store so much but everything is always out of stock! I'm hoping one day I will be successful enough so they will sponsor me and all my problems in life will disappear. I like this look a lot, its kind of like pastel androgyny I think. Which is interesting, because it seems like the pastel trend has mostly been about embracing femme/ kawaii/ lolita styles, but this is a lot less girly. I want to explore this further!
Dude, I'm going to see Nicki Minaj tonight in Charlotte with my friend Nathaniel! We just got the tickets yesterday, it's very last minute. Maybe she will see me in the crowd and give me one million dollars and a record deal and we will be best friends and live happily ever after.
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  1. I'm just so in love with your hair!


  2. cute! have fun at the concert :)


  3. wow and AGAIN what a lovely post
    i love love love your Color
    i changed mine blue yesterday
    but it didn't turn out as well as yours!
    amazing Shirt :)

    hope you visit my blog too <3