Friday, August 14, 2015


New clothes!!! The black lace top* is from Newdress and the skirt* is from Style Moi. I highly recommend both, I am so stoked on this outfit. They are both made of very comfortable material, which is especially surprising for the top since a lot of the time lace/mesh can be kind of scratchy, but this time its way soft. 
I'm going to a wedding with my dad and my sister for the weekend, so I'll be awol for a couple days. I haven't been to a wedding in years. It should be fun, we'll be camping out and there will be swimming and music and friends :-)
Click here for tunes ~


  1. Everything you wear is always so perfect!


  2. I love your top and the contrasting orange skirt! you look awesome as always

  3. Love it! The yellow skirt looks cool with your blue hair :)
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