Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pink and Denim

Here I am wearing a pink jacket* from Wholesale 7 and a denim skirt* from Yoins, I am so in love with this outfit! Honestly I think this skirt is my favorite thing that I've gotten for a while, the texture and length and fit are all perfect. But I guess that's only if you're into a 90's mom look like I am. The jacket is also really great, its really light and would be a perfect little rain jacket, it's definitely not warm though. I think the textures of both items are really interesting, and I think that's something I value a lot in clothing. I feel like everything americans wear now is made of stretchy cotton blends, like yoga pants and shit like that, so finding clothing thats made out of an interesting material is important to me.
Last night I went to see a really lovely art opening that my professor was being featured in at a museum down the road, and it was so inspiring. It was a bunch of projections of footage of a salt marsh, and my friend Saadia was a dancer in the piece as well. I love multimedia art! I have so much work to do for my senior show but it's easy to get excited when I am surrounded by inspiring people.


  1. don't think I've seen you wear pink before, but it works!

  2. the jacket is so cute! would pair well with so many outfits xx

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