Wednesday, November 11, 2015


In this outfit I am wearing a top and a backpack from Mr GuGu and Miss Go, and my skirt is from Style Moi. The top has a really soft fleece lining, which is great for keeping me warm when I'm walking to work. And the colors are so beautiful! I never wear this much color. I feel like a rainbow.
I've been practicing with my tarot cards a lot lately, and reading this really cool book about witchcraft that a friend of mine gave me. I think wicca is really interesting and fulfilling, I just wish it wasn't tied into religion. People lump it somewhere in between christianity and worshiping the devil, which makes zero sense. Anyway I've been having fun applying it to my art and feeling magical. I've been working on an experimental installation with videos of the elements, I can't wait to share it :-)

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