Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Here is a new plaid dress and shoes from Wholesale 7 :-) I love it so much, the lapel is really cute and it's a nice warm fabric, perfect for the winter. It makes me feel goth n witchy n cute.
I got the code for the roof of my building, so I tried taking these pictures up there. I think they turned out really well, but going up there is a bit awkward because there are windows into other peoples apartments and I dont want anyone to be startled when they see me out of their window. Idk I might keep taking pictures up there... I just have to be brave about it.

PS the last picture(s) are of quartz necklaces I'm making! I love them so much, when I wear one I feel very magical. If you want one I'll make you one for $10 (plus shipping), I think they will be great christmas gifts. I'm making some for my mom and my aunts and cousins. Just comment here or message me on my facebook page if you want one!

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