Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Here is sweet lil Yoins outfit with a grid print sweater and a denim skirt! I can't decide if I want to keep my purple hair, something about it doesn't feel right. I think I'm going to grow out my hair/bangs so I guess I just need to be patient. Aubrey is really trying to sit on my laptop right now, I think he is trying to say hi.
Here is some good news: I have an grad interview at SAIC at the end of the month!! I've never been to Chicago, I'm so excited. I wonder if I will move there and start a fancy new life with fancy new friends. This last semester of undergrad feels like purgatory, while I'm waiting to find out what the next big step will be for me. It's scary but so exciting :~)

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  1. Hi Gigi,give us an asset, add a look to G+V ^^ we've got the music ♪)